Healthy Breakfast Ideas for all the family Dec 2019

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for all the family

It is important to choose the right kinds of foods for breakfast. This helps you get the

most out of your first meal of the day.

Reasons to have breakfast:

1. Sets you up for the day

2. Reduces snacking throughout the morning

3. Improves concentration in school and at work

What to look for in breakfast cereals:

Ireland has the highest intake of breakfast cereals worldwide. When you are shopping for breakfast cereals, take a look at the food labels and look out for the following:

High fibre

Fibre helps you feel full for longer and keeps your gut strong and regular.

Don’t forget to have enough to drink at breakfast and throughout the day. 

Some healthy drinks are water or a glass of milk.

Low sugar

Sweeten your cereal with whole fruit instead of sugar. Fruit like berries are rich in antioxidants and can add colour and taste when sprinkled on top of your bowl of cereal. Try chopping up some bananas and apples to add extra nutrients and fibre to your cereal.


Fortified foods are ones that have extra nutrients added to them. Many breakfast cereals are fortified. Look out for breakfast cereals with extra Folic acid, B Vitamins, Vitamin D and Iron to help meet your daily nutrient needs.

Breakfast options

Quick and Easy:

  • High fibre cereal with fruit
  • Wholegrain toast with low fat spread and sliced banana
  • Yogurt and fresh fruit with low sugar granola

If you have 10 minutes:

  • Scrambled/boiled/poached egg on wholegrain toast
  • Beans on toast with yogurt and fruit
  • 2 egg omelette with yogurt and fruit

Healthy Swaps

Sugar coated/chocolate puffed rice cereal –  bran flakes/porridge

White toast with butter and jam – wholegrain toast with low fat spread and banana

Fry – omelette/poached eggs and grilled tomato