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REstart 12 week course

REstart 12 week course

November 25, 2020, Author: Sonja Lynch

Who is this suitable for?

The 12 week REstart course is ideal if you’re feeling overwhelmed by nutrition and diet choices. It is a step by step approach to establish a healthy relationship with food and optimise your nutrition for health. The course focuses on educating and empowering you to make food choices that are practical and sustainable. REstart is perfect if you need to support with heart health, weight management, type 2 diabetes, healthy eating and much more.

What does it include?

4 one to one appointments with a Registered Dietitian

First appointment 1 hours

3 return appointments 30 mins

Appointments can be in our clinic in Dunshaughlin, online or a mixture – whichever suits you.

12 weeks of educational videos and tips

Personalised information based on your health, lifestyle and life stage

What if I have diet related health concerns

These will be addressed at your individual appointments and you will receive written dietary recommendations. Videos and tips related to your conditions will also be provided. The course will be tailored to each individual.

I’m not sure if it’s right for me.

To discuss if the course is suitable for you book a free 15 minute discovery phone call with Sonja. Book a call

How do I sign up?

You can sign up and book your first appointment here.