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July 24, 2021, Author: Sonja Lynch

dietitian nutrition


Working lunch – nutritious tips

February 1, 2021, Author: Sonja Lynch

Top tips for planning your work lunch and snacks.

REstart 12 week course

REstart 12 week course

November 25, 2020, Author: Sonja Lynch

Who is this suitable for? The 12 week REstart course is ideal if you're feeling overwhelmed by nutrition and diet choices. It is a step by step approach to establish a healthy relationship with food and optimise your nutrition for health. The course focuses on educating and empowering you to make food choices that are [...]

Babies Nutrition

Breastfeeding & Mother’s Diet

November 18, 2020, Author: Sonja Lynch

Nourishing the breastfeeding mother is just as important as nourishing a new baby. Read on for some top tips and dispelling myths.