Sonja Lynch

Post Partum Nutrition

Nurturing Mother & Baby Embracing a tiny new human is like embarking on a wild rollercoaster of cuddles, chaos, and cute babygro’s! The post-baby phase, aka the “fourth trimester,” is a whirlwind of changes, turning your world inside out. As a Dietitian and mother of three myself I’ve witnessed the importance of post-baby nutrition first-hand. …

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   Lets have fun learning togetherThanks for joining me todayWe’ll be learning lots of practical nutrition tips all based on the latest scientific evidence.Some of the questions are just for fun – because lets face it talks can get boring! Other questions are to make sure I’m answering all the questions you might have today.All of your …

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breastfeeding mother

Nourishing the breastfeeding mother is just as important as nourishing a new baby. Read on for some top tips and dispelling myths.